Strand Annealer, Solution Annealing Furnace, Industrial Furnace.


Heat Treatment Furnace

Strand Annealer For Stainless Steel Wire
  Solution Annealing Furnace For Stainless
    Steel Wire Rods

  Baking Oven For Stainless Steel Wire

  Pit Furnace

  Muffle Furnace

  Chamber Furnace

  Combustion Equipments

  Furnace Controls


About Thermal Engineering & Controls

Thermal Engineering & Controls ( A Suresh Koulgi Company), a well known trusted name, Specialist in Design & Supply of Heat Treatment Furnaces including Strand Annealer, Solution annealing furnace, Baking Oven, Alkaline & Degreasing tank , Chamber Furnace, Pit Furnace, Muffle Furnace, Combustion equipments, Furnace Controls etc. for Stainless Steel Wire Industries / Forging Industry / Steel Plants. We apply State-Of-Art Technology to improve temperature uniformity, energy efficiency to heat finest steel economically. Our Furnaces are well designed & constructed on the basis of Quality craftsmanship& proper selection of structural steel


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